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Why Is it Always Me vs UPS?

as you may recall, I'm waiting for a ~mysterious package~ from Tackey. Today I come home, and there's that thing on the door that's like, you missed the dude*.

So I called and said, can i pick this up myself? And they were like "suuuuure, the second guy will call you back in a bit." And then the second guy called back and was like "Okay I've got your package...but we close in four minutes."

so i get in the car. and drive to the place. it takes about ten minutes. of course nobody is there when I get there. so i drive home. and call them back to be like, seriously wtf.

the lady on the phone is like, but you should be able to get your package from the desk still, if they called back the second time. She's convinced I should just go back, but after I get off the phone and think about it for a second, I'm like, no, this is a moronic errand, for sure.

so I call back AGAIN and get a different lady, and she's like yeah, yeah they're seriously closed. so i'm like, can you just deliver it then like was supposed to happen in the first place, and she's like well...not really. now that it's pulled I HAVE to pick it up. and since I don't have any periods consecutively off anymore, now I have to wait until after school.


*to be honest, I'm not even sure it IS the tackey-package, the 'from' slot seems to read 'skinny cord.' but the handwriting is terrible and shimizumiki's missed package note clearly reads 'Johnny's Family Club' so I dunno what else it could be.
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