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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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The Preorder is Ours

STILL no tackey package. usps why you gotta play me like that.

had interview this afternoon for kind of a position upgrade and i think it went well, but every time people are like "oh you should apply for this, you'd be so good at it" i think about that time in college i got rejected for head RA after everybody in charge of me told me to do it. i hope they make a decision quickly so I can stop worrying about it. also i'd like to be paid for this job which I am flagrantly already doing.

I am going to make lemon blueberry bread tonight! Yay!

I'm thinking about watching this Tego movie, but maki's in it, and we don't get along. Has anybody seen it? Is she totally useless because she's in love with the main guy? cause if she is, just like in kurosagi and hanakimi, you should tell me so I save myself the trouble.

And finally, I just preordered the Big Time Rush album. I got the 'deluxe' package so I'd get a t-shirt. Poster and silly bands! Hurray!!

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