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Sanapig Snorts in Your General Direction

Have some good Friday stuff:

*My tackey-present FINALLY came yesterday! It's a towel, the one they handed out at the open rehearsal for Tackey's Summer concert, or so I'm told. It's totally cute and very pink, and I'm very happy with my random tour good. I wrote a thank you email as best I could in my fail Japanese, in which I hope that I properly expressed that, more than the thing itself, in that moment when I had a package from Johnny's Family Club I felt like a real JE fan, just the same as Japanese fans, and that's what the best part about it was.

*in class, a student from anime club brought up KAT-TUN, and another student was SUPER PSYCHED that I knew who KAT-TUN was, and also Big Bang. everybody else in the class was like "wtf is going on" while this student like freaked out. so funny.

*Nephew's birthday party is tonight, so I can give him the Bob bear at last. I totally think I could not keep this secret one more day, so I'm relieved I can finally show it off. I hope he likes it! Nephew is weird about stuffed animals, he either LOVES them or HATES them, and there's nothing in between. Fingers crossed that the fact that the bear has a nametag that says 'BOB' will win him over.

*new pokemon LEAKED.

less good stuff: I had the sinus headache OF THE GODS all afternoon, and I didn't have any excedrin on me to head it off, so it just kept getting worse and worse. by the time i could bolt out of there and take something, my stomach was all messed up too, but after lying down a bit I feel much better.

allergies have also been out of control all week, so I think massive cleaning needs to occur this weekend. uuurgh.

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