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Sometimes the Kouhai Do More Than Just Be Half-Naked on my Screen

to explain about earlier, snowqueenofhoth not only scanned me the cutest Kis-My-Ft2 people ever, but she made them into a header for my LJ that is as if she reached into my brain and did exactly what i would have asked her to do if we'd talked about it explicitly, which we hadn't at all. I love their concert stage bridge so much!

IT'S GREAT. mousapellimousapellimousapelli

I've had the tennis ball mice forever, and I really did like my green/yellow color scheme, so believe me when I tell you that if I didn't love this header to a thousand eensy pieces, it wouldn't have changed. I did screencap my old one in case I want the colors back someday though. atm I'm not convinced about the new colors exactly, but I'm going to let it gel a couple days to see whether i'm unhappy because I really don't have it the way I want yet or if it's just because it's so different.

Also i made kisumaicons:

Snuggly Fujigaya (he's my new default)! Blah-expression Tama! Senga's hood! Waaah these are so much WIN.
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