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Make All the Journal Entries

I haven't died. Things that happened since my last post:

*parent night which eats my soul. not that it goes poorly or whatever for me, but just, it's so exhausting, and it's the longest school day ever in the universe, and then you have to turn right back around and come back into the building.

*car got inspected and cab-top brake light was out, and it turns out it was bad wiring in the roof of my truck, yeah idek, but they had my car for two days and it all came out under $300 so I will take that as as much of a victory as I ever get from car inspections.

*then I babysat nephew and watched him beat his brand-new drums and loled a lot. also he said bye-bye in my presence and SiL was totally mad because they've been trying to get him to say it for 2 years. Then he went to bed and I tried to finish my Rainbow Bridge fic. Ha.

*I went to NYC with my parents on Saturday and was promptly put in charge of the subway-goings. Despite that we didn't die. We saw a show and had fancy cupcakes, and I bought a Professor Leyton game and a Law & Order shirt.

*All Sunday I tried to recover by lying around and watching Fringe Season 2 and sort of half-assing some lesson plans, and I was supposed to work on Rainbow Bridge too, but that didn't happen. I slept for hours and hours and it didn't seem to make any difference, because

*now I seem to totally be coming down with something unpleasant, which I'm sure has a lot to do with how exhausted I was all last week before I got up at dawn on Saturday and walked everywhere. I limped through school today and hopefully will be able to keep on limping because I have junk to do after school about every day this week, so taking off isn't terribly convenient. if it just stays in the sniffly-sore throat-headache-unhappy phase, I might make it.

*did i mention that my rainbow bridge fic isn't done? about that. I have 1100 words! but it won't write itself! *cries* why can't I just lie here and play professor Leyton.

Also I've read This is Why I'll Never be Adult about 50 times in the course of all this, because it is 100% the best description of my life ever. It is exactly what I felt like all this week. One more thing = SYSTEM FAILURE. also i really do have to go to the bank like a motherf*cking adult.
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