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Sanapig Doesn't Understand I Can't Be Dominated by Snorting and Chattering

Sanapig has just figured out that his lack of a cage door means he can jump out on the ground any time he wants. The only guinea pig in existence who is super-psyched for exercise, and I own him. Other than that, he's spent all day tormenting his cagemates and I think I can only put off the decision about whether to separate them or not for a little while longer. I don't want to separate nonpig! sadface.

I just dropped a yogurt and had it splatter all over my kitchen floor, which wouldn't be that exciting except last night i did it with an egg too. um, wtf, self.

musikologie is my hero of the moment, because last night she called me from the Sanrio store and was like "I'm standing in front of a wall of Shinkansen merchandise. What do you want?" correct answer: EVERYTHING. except Shinkansen socks cause I already own those. One of the main reasons I think I shouldn't ever live in Japan is that when you actually live there, the Shinkansen is too expensive to ride that much. If i were in the same country as it and couldn't ride it, I think I'd cry.

I had to take an allergy pills after cleaning the guinea pigs, and now I am all naaaaaaaap.

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