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Busy Weekend is Busy

so between proctoring standardized testing on Saturday morning and then sleeping over at my parents' last night, I don't feel like I had any weekend at all :( certainly not as much weekend as I needed. I'm totally exhausted and fell asleep on the couch, but then I had to wake up enough to do the usual useless lesson plans for the week ): ):

and now that I'm minimally lucid I would totally rather stay up talking to shabzilla than go to bed like a responsible adult ): ): ):

timeripple, I forgot to ask if you found out if you can come to Jin or not yet.

and is there seriously still no word about JYJ tickets? don't those concerts start, like, any minute? I'm kind of through with how really terrible the Asians are at getting out basic tour/ticket information for American venues. Dear Asia: GET IT TOGETHER.

These are my goals for the week:
1. continue going to the gym at least every other day until my fat ass fits into any of my school pants
2. go back to watching raw drama episodes for JLPT listening practice (i was doing pretty good until school started and then I lost all patience with how fucking terrible I am at it)
3. start putting aside some dedicated writing time each day because NaNo is going to start and I'm so out of writing practice that it isn't even funny
4. speaking of that, I really need to put some time into figuring out whether my NaNo idea is doable or not

sigh. i'm already debating taking a sick day to sleep later in the week, but I know once I take one i'll just pine for more. It's best to hold out as long as possible at the beginning of the school year.

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