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But the Boots are Pretty Sweet

Okay, it's Tuesday, let's check on my week goals so far:

1. Go to gym --> so far so good. Although my left foot falls asleep in one spot every time i'm on the elliptical, which i'm sure some of you will say is OMG BAD MEDICAL THING GO SEE A DOCTOR, but really it's just my body trying to bully me into not exercising any more.

2. raw drama episodes --> I watched some batman TAS? Actually I watched half of an episode and passed out.

3. writing --> haven't done this at all either but in my defense I've been home really late the last two nights, so I'm totally doing this tonight.

4. NaNo --> I think I maybe decided who the main character will have to be, maybe, but still no good idea for central conflict. I'm not very happy with this. Also my NaNo sweatshirt hasn't come in the mail yet.

also new goal:

5. No more shopping with my mother this week, because sweet jesus every time she's like "oh let's just go in here and look at x" i spend $100. But I did need bras and belts and pants that actually fit me, so it wasn't like compulsive shopping or whatever.

also also:

6. In the last 2 days I've seen 3 different articles about how people who get 8+ hours of sleep a night lose weight and people who get 5-6 hours don't, to which I can only say, it's a good thing I bought some more fat pants, because 8+ hours of sleep on a school night isn't just a fantasy, it's like a full-on acid trip. What teacher on earth has 8+ hours to sleep? That would also mean that out of a 24-hour day I would spend twice as much time at school as I spent awake but not there, which kind of makes me want to kill myself.

It is COLD. I'll have to put up the plastic on my windows this weekend, which I don't enjoy, but I will enjoy being warmer and not paying a billion dollars on my electric bill.
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