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Since Shelbi posted some of the snowpig girls, I suppose I ought to put up some new ones of the boys.

Sanapig and Datte figure out I put the hay too close to their cage.

So you can see their actual colors. The lighting in my apartment is always terrible.


Everybody loves the ledge in their cage, although if two of them are up there, they nap on opposite ends.

Senga likes the hay too ♥

Sanapig knows he can get out somehow, if he tries hard enough.

guest appearance by my brother's guinea pig, Mocha.

This is the size they are right this second. Datte!

Sanapig snuggling on the ledge. He's usually the one up there, rubbing his butt all over the towel.

Sanapig! He's so big, omg, and his paws are all oversize still, so I think he's going to be quite the big pig. Also, he's really bulky, vs the other two are kind of more slender, esp Datte.

Datte wouldn't sit still, lol. This was as good as I could do. He's the smallest and has definitely stopped growing as fast as Nonpig.

Nokkun just sat there and took it. It's hard to get good pictures of him in the cage because when he hears the 'deedle' of the camera starting up, he runs under the ledge. He's just a little smaller than Sanapig.

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