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The Random, I Has It

*I am eating my favorite dinner in the whole world, which i'm sure says something terrible about me: day-old, reheated hamburger helper, the cheesy macaroni kind. like all casserole-esque things, after it settles in the fridge overnight, it's like 150% tastier.

*my real drama about the NaNo title is that the thing I'm leaning towards calling it will give it the abbreviation UP, and I don't want that at all. If that's the case, i'll spend all month sounding like i'm way too serious about a pixar movie. "I haven't dealt with UP in three days! All the UP characters won't leave me alone!" etc etc.

*also while I was pulling lyrics to try and pick a title from, as I do every year, I pulled a bunch of NEWS stuff because I haven't used them before and they have a lot of songs I love lately. Belatedly I realized that all 3 bits I was looking at were Ryo's lines. Apparently I like the Osakans, what can I say.

*my family has decided to go out for Thanksgiving and because i'm a grownup i just said "okay that's fine" but on the inside I am like THIS IS NOT FINE D: I want to make things and eat in stages and hang out together for a long while and have a bunch of leftovers! and there totally isn't going to be any baked corn at the random place because even here I don't know hardly anybody who makes it except us (it's super central pennsylvanian), and I won't get to make pumpkin pie either, which are my two favorite things to eat/do. FOR SHAME, FAMILY. for shame. *whiny*

I think perhaps I'm taking it harder than I ought to because in my mother and SiL's faces, I saw how they think this is a BRILLIANT IDEA, and so it won't be a one-year thing, we'll just go on doing it and doing it, and I can't fight back because it's not like everybody's going to come over to my apartment and also i'm not the one with a husband/kids or whatever, and won't be for the immediate or even foreseeable future, so there's no way to like take it over instead. I'm not in any way okay with giving up Thanksgiving at home forever, but I can't bring it up like that without looking like an uncooperative jerk, since it isn't my house people will be doing a bunch of cooking and cleaning at.

so it turns out I'm more upset about this than I thought. great. Also everybody at school is on about what they do with their families, entrenching my crankypants ever more deeply.

*in other exciting news, tomorrow I get to spend the night at my parents' to babysit the beagle AGAIN, and it's hard to tell at this point whether the dog or I is crankier about this. i wish they'd stop freaking going places so I could sleep in my own goddamned bed for a whole weekend.

*GPX halloween event! i'm more excited about this than I was about dressing up for school (I wore my Fudomine jacket, everything seemed like too much work).

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