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Yay Halloween

Dear Self: you know better than to watch scary movies! Why do you do it! Why!!

Early this afternoon, Shutter was on again so I watched it again and I totally enjoyed it way more the second time. I should own it! Like I own the Ring, which i also watched once i came home from my parents', but unlike the Ring, Shutter was just pleasantly creepy in places on rewatch, vs the Ring which terrifies me beyond reason even though I've seen it over and over.

idek, you'd think I'd hate the Ring given the way I always end up afterwards, but I really love it. I saw it like half a dozen times in theaters/when my college showed it. It's weird. Sanapig was sitting on the ledge watching tv with me, as he does, and his face was like "o____o" the whole time, and when the lady gets shoved in the well he like rose up all high on his paws and started squeaking his head off. And then he totally fell for the fake ending and calmed down, but then when scary stuff happened at the end he ran under the ledge and hid there until it was over.

I bet you think I'm making all of that up, but I totally am not. Guinea pigs, lol.

Now I'm watching the Eye, which has Jessica Alba in it and i'm sure is going to end up being terrible, but has had some winner creepy minutes so far.

So i wasn't planning on staying up to start nano, but it seems that as usual I have foiled my own plans...

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