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About Face (The Official NaNo 2010 Filter Post)

I'm having title drama, but I think I can live with this one.

*shamelessly copies post from last year*

It's roundabout that time again, boys and girls. This year I'm once again filtering for the NaNo fic (although the rest of you will no doubt still be subjected to my whining during the process), so comment if you want to read the NaNo as it goes up. if i don't have you friended, comment anyway, and I'll add you so you can go on the filter. Everyone who was on the filter last year is still on so you don't have to ask to be added, but feel free to tell me that you're reading again, or tell me if you want to be taken off.

If you can see this test post, you are on the filter. I'll run another test post in a day or two once I've added whoever wants on.

You can also join ichiband_weekly, the official Chaotic Butterfly Fan and Fanworks comm. There's links in the sidebar of the comm if you want to (re)read the last three years' NaNos (Chaotic Butterfly, Unseen Wings, and Purely By Luck). You can also either download those as PDFs or buy a hard copy/ebook of them and throw a little cash my way d^.^b

A summary to help you make an informed decision:

Working Title: About Face

Takayama Kouji's college life is not going as smoothly as planned. Home on a leave of absence because of his father's failing health, Kouji ends up missing the entire spring semester of his junior year to help run the family business. When his younger brother gets accepted to college on a baseball scholarship, Kouji makes the tough decision to return home permanently for his senior year.

That means going back to New York to finish his junior year a semester late, however, on top of having to study for entrance exams to get back into the Japanese university system. On top of all that, now that Midareteku Entertainment CEO Matsumoto has caught wind of Kouji's return, he's got a few jobs for Kouji himself. When Kouji returns to New York in the fall, he'll be responsible for ME's first solo artist tour in the USA, not to mention responsible for keeping the star of the tour from leaving a trail of scandal across the country.

Under pressure from all sides, can Kouji keep up the pace or will he trip at the finish line? For someone who's been in ME as long as Kouji has, there's no choice but to put on his game face and keep running forward.

So...yay? NaNo started 3 minutes ago.
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