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So after watching all horror movies on Sunday, shockingly I hardly slept at all Sunday night, which made school yesterday a special sort of hell. i did get paid to cover the easiest class the world, however, which makes up for last week when I had to cover gym.

then I made dinner because mom comes over on Mondays, which took way longer than I thought it would, and also had to put up the plastic on my windows because it dropped to 30° last night. And then we started watching Hoarders while waiting for my brother to email his paper to us. At 10pm (which is 4am italy time, btw), I texted him to find out what his status was.

brother: not done. hows nano
me: ...not started.

so it's nice that baby brother and i are the same person sometimes.

anyway then i went to bed and slept until 10am, so long story short, I have zero words so far. Unless you count my title as two words. but I'm off today, so I'll get something done I'm sure. In between voting and proofreading my brother's thesis and gym and...

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