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Tsubasa no Tsubasa

I came home all tired and whiny from leading a meeting full of special snowflake people, with full intent to complain about it loud and long, but now i'm grinning like a moron because awwwwww Tackey & Tsubasa PV! So cute! And with Mis Snow Man backing!

And T&T are together and singing about love and missing each other! AWWWWWWWWWWW. I feel like it can't be all bad if Tackey and Tsubasa are back together again.

I did actually write a good amount yesterday, thankfully, so i'm at 2368 words on the NaNo and my plan is that you'll probably see chapter 1 late tonight. idk, maybe. and then i have to definitely plot out the rest more clearly.

Also I got sexy Keito doctor/yamada/yuto in the JE100 halloween drabble exchange, which PS is still going on so if you want to write some drabbles go say so, and if you have some more to write you better get on it~

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