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Kouji/Hats OTP

So hey funny story. I have this thing about instant gratification, where i like it way too much. And so because i like it and it's bad for me sometimes the universe dumps it ALL OVER ME perhaps hoping that i will just die from too much instant gratification.

what i mean is, i posted the first chapter of the NaNo last night, for those of you who aren't on the filter and didn't see, and then when i got home from school today, not only did i already have a bunch of comments (yay), i also had a check in the mail from Smashwords for the other NaNos (YAY) and then i just checked my flist and i have hilarious fic from daisy about Kouji already (YAYYYYYYY).

except like i told her it's kind of a crisis because it sort of takes something i was thinking about doing and does it like 2380523 times better than i was planning on doing it. WHOOPS. Fanfic is dangerous yo. you should write me 4leaf/5star/pantheon/akai ito/me jrs fic all the tiiiiiiiime.

also my paycheck was glorious today because i am doing every job ever at my building. HAHAHA.

Somebody needs to make hot Chaotic Butterfly icons again. I need one about Kouji and hats, and also one about the littlest yamashita and flynn-kun or something. maybe like a strawberry with an x through it that says "FULL-BUILDING JELLY BAN." or you know, whatever.
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