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Put Pants on that Hog

I think it's only fair that you know the $34.07 that Smashwords mailed me yesterday went directly towards buying myself a new pair of jeans that i can fit my fat ass into, so thank you internet! because of you, i have pants and am legally allowed outside again.

In all seriousness, though, if you're one of the people who has put some money towards CB/PBL either on CreateSpace or on Smashwords, thank you, and I'm continually flattered that people do that. Hopefully I can show my gratitude by not failing the shit out of NaNo this year (so far, not looking so hot).

JYJ has apparently cancelled their Hawaii concert, cementing my feeling that I do not want to get involved in their NY show at all. It's a shame they'll come so close to me and I'm going to take a pass, but I'm definitely taking a pass. PS i can't say their MV struck me as something that will get american audiences super excited about them, and what the balls is Junsu wearing?

I'm proctoring standardized testing tomorrow which is good for my wallet but super poor for me crawling out of bed at 6:30 for the 6th day in a row. I dont have much grading to do so i'm thinking about noveling there even though i really shouldn't since you have to do the timing so precisely.

BTR was the most hilarious episode since Big Time Party, and SPN is sucking pretty hard.

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