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Well that was spectacular

I seriously just had the second worst nightmare I've ever had in my entire life.

in it, I was in a group of people who were being held prisoner by some sort of dictator, for some reason at my school. There was a mine or something underneath it. We had to stay in the auditorium, and there were armed guards, and I had my computer for some reason (maybe because i always have it).

we were there for three days, and I mean that I seriously did every waking moment of three full days, and I don't want to go into any particular detail, but it wasn't a fun three days. Finally on the third day I realized that I had to tell somebody what was happening and so I was trying to tell snowqueenofhoth because I had been talking to her over AIM like usual, but if i said anything directly, the security network would kick me off, so I tried and tried but kept getting kicked off and she had no idea what I was talking about.

and then finally my parents started texting my phone to find out where I was, but I couldn't text back or my phone would reboot (since i had no pants for like 90% of this dream I have no idea where the phone was), and then really suddenly I realized that if I didn't tell them SOMETHING they wouldn't go over to my apartment and the guinea pigs would definitely die if somebody didn't give them more water, and it had been three days already, and THAT was what finally woke me up.

and now it's five in the morning and i definitely can't sleep anymore and I have to go to school in two hours where I've just spent three days being held prisoner. Im thinking seriously about calling off despite the fact that it's more or less too late to do it. the guinea pigs are super pissed I came out here and turned on the lights at 5am, but i was like SHUT UP AT LEAST YOU HAVE WATER.

And in case you're wondering what the first worst nightmare i've ever had was, it was the time in college i dreamed my mother let religious activists into the house and they threw me up against the wall and ripped the back of my T-shirt open and burned off my tattoo with a bic lighter.

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