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Here Have Some Things

1. I'm given to understand that there is an old photoshoot where Tackey and Tsubasa are in bed together and there is only a strategic sheet. We think it's maybe from the same photoshoot as this but can't turn it up. Can anybody produce that?

2. I did some more of my halloween drabbles last night in between falling asleep over and over because of the horrific nightmare incident, but I still have a few to go, so sorry. don't worry, I'll get there. JEhols is totally close to being done too but not quite there. and i need to reboot the je100 comm.

3. Wrote nothing for NaNo yesterday. see note 2. I've been taking the laptop to school with me as a comfort object again and i will probably do it tomorrow too since i have more than one meeting i am not psyched about.

4. If i'm posting/telling you about something that i'm irritated about, the correct response is never ever to tell me how *I'M* being unreasonable for being irritated, and I should think about the feelings/circumstances of the person/thing that's annoying me, and make it all out like i should feel guilty for not accommodating every goddamned person/thing because we are all special snowflakes. Are you out of your MIND? I already told you I'm pissed off about it! I obviously don't give two craps about their/its special snowflake feelings, and I 100% do not want you to make me ~see the light~ about what a terrible person I am, and if you absolutely cannot refrain from your self-righteous comment about it, all you're going to achieve is to shift my ire from the original source onto YOU.

So just don't do it, boys and girls. We are not all special snowflakes. Get over it. or at least don't give me the business about it in my own goddamned comments. ETA: reposting in another journal/community about to complain about it including the locked content = not okay. WOW, asshole.

addendum to #4: if i get told by my school one more time about how we're all winners when a bunch of my idiot students cannot even pass first semester Latin I, I am going to puke. SOME OF YOU ARE LOSERS, OKAY. Maybe if somebody ever called you a loser when you were being one, you would fix it. here's a hint: if you are failing Latin I, you = loser.

5. Nephew cannot say 'sara' so instead he says "ESS!!" when he sees me now. At dinner he was like "ESS!!" and i was like "ELL!!" cause that's what his name starts with and he was all O_O for a second before he made the L with his finger and pointed at himself, and i was like "yes, you are L, no kidding." so we were in the middle of the red lobster (shrimp feast!!) shouting "ESS!!" "ELL!!!" at each other for most of dinner. Also his new hoodie has horns on it. CUTER THAN BALLS.
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