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Things I Enjoy

*Crown Royal came in the mail. It's a collection of BL manga short stories based on fairy tales, and this book was totally cute and worth the money. I loled in several places. A+ would buy again!

*Ugly Americans seriously cracks my shit up.

*while nanoing at school, my computer played the Takki Ranger song, and I guess I never listened to it closely before, but today it just made me grin like a moron.

*My alarm clock has been making this stupid interference noise and finally last night I got so angry I palmed it and threw it across the room so that it bounced into my closet like a football. this sounds like a negative, but that was very satisfying. I think I want a new clock with that my ipod hooks into.

*Deoxys egg get!! I am totally having a good time with these explorations. And also, there's a new thing to change your gpx pokemon sprites to any of the old ones, so as I click around I run into super old red/blue ones and am like AAAWWW my first pikachu looked JUST LIKE THAT. It's so nostalgic, I love it.

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