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Is That This Month's Issue of Ouef?

<-- make it hatch! yay legendaries. If i hatch it before I've had it 24 hours it goes towards an achievement.

I am at the Atlanta Bread failing heavily to novel, although I did write some at school today. Also I had a sandwich which had turkey and brie and lingonberry and i was so hungry that it was seriously the best thing in the entire world.

also I've been drinking real soda on and off the last few days which I 100% should not at all do because that is one of the many reasons I do not fit in my pants. But it's so hard to be good during nano because I just get all "but i'm working! i'm being good! i can have a soda!" It's like i can only be disciplined about so many things at a time and this is just the one more thing.

anyway, so....novel. I broke 11k? lol i fail.

also, I am glad like crazy that I avoided JYJ's whole fiasco. I can see now that the Jin debacle was just a warning and I heeded it properly. Also, SF Jincon got Yara! I want a Yara! NYC, is it too much to hope that you might cough up somebody good? although you'd have to work really hard to do better than Yara, so far as I'm concerned.
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