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Panic, I Has It

I'm running out to my NaNo write-in in a second, but I forgot to post and mention last night that yesterday I called and made an appointment to see if I can have Lasik done, because i'd really like to stop paying all the monies for my contacts once a year. I had to do it in kind of a rush because there's an insurance thing that the deadline for is the end of the month, but it's all to the good because I've been waffling about it for so long, and the only way i'm going to do it is in a situation like this where I have to do the stuff all at once.

because the thought of them doing things to my eyes with lasers terrifies me.

Now, I realize that I'm being irrational, and my dad and two older brothers have both had it done and people at school and I know it's probably safer than any of the random surgeries I've had on my club foot or ears or whatever else, but it really doesn't change the fact that they are going to cut my eyeball with lasers and I might be freaking out just a little already.

If they screw it up and blind me, I'll never get to watch Law & Order again! I won't be able to read my flist or chat with people online or watch idiot NEWS PVS! I won't be able to DRIVE. *frets*

This is not to say that I don't think blind people live full lives or whatever, I'm just saying that I experience like 85% of my social interaction visually via the internet, and also I really like driving and not having to move back in with my parents.

so anyway, that's the news with me. Now I'm going to go to the write-in and hopefully make up my 6k deficit.
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