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*dirges funerally*

We are gathered here to mourn the tragic, but not entirely unexpected, passing of 1!Harry. He left this earth, along with his friends 9!Harry and 10!Harry sometime last Monday, suffering death by snail ingestion.

He leaves behind an ungodly stench.

1!Harry was a good tetra, a twitchy tetra, who taught four generations of Harrys DAS (Defence Against the Snail) and sent up a little trail of bubbles that said "CONSTANT VIGILANCE" if you listened closely.

Captain Jack Sparrow has been confined to the little glass bowl for his crimes until new tetras can be purchased. Several escape attempts have already been made.

Farewell, 1!Harry. May the intestines of Captain Jack lie lightly on you.

And thus ends the days of the Harrys.

Anyone have suggestions for what I should name the next batch of tetras?
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