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Cuddy is a Stepford Doctor

I think the ipod might finally be dead. No, Ritsuka! I am not prepared to replace you and I need you for the gym! I ran it down the whole way last week, which was plainly a mistake, because now I've had it plugged into the computer for a while and it still won't give me any signs of life. I guess I'll just leave it on there for a good long while and see, and if nothing else happens I'll have to take a trip to the apple store either in Lancaster or when I'm in NYC this weekend.

Fail. It's not that I don't need a new ipod anyway, I was just kind of psyching myself up for it and haven't made any real decisions about what kind i want or what I want engraved on it or anything. Also my awesome GReeeeN sticker is on it.

House and then Hoarders! Yay Monday nights.

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