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So About the Ipod

Ipod has been connected for hours without doing anything, no matter how much hard restarting I did, but as I was randomly digging around, I came across this post where in the comments they insist the secret to success for the entirely dead ipod is to bang it against a table or throw it down hard on your carpet.

Well, okay. Can't break it any more, right? Figuring this is total idiocy, I take the ipod and throw it on the carpet about three times, hard. I plug it back in, and goddamn, the 'very low battery' screen appears. Now it's kind of stuck there, and then it tries to reboot and gives me the sad mac, and then goes back to 'very low battery' but hey that's definitely better than nothing.

Better living through abusing your electronics. *goes to reread about the sad mac icon*

Also, Kisumai is having winter concerts!! YAY!! I can't go at all, but awww, good job ♥

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