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this is because yesterday I posted that i was depressed i couldn't show up in japan

news from the_kouhai is that she can't send me my junk anytime soon, because apparently nobody can ship packages over 1 lb to the US from Japan starting today.

I just. I. can't even. wth, universe, why. i can't see kisumai in person, so now i can't get mailed a goddamn pamphlet either?! could you not do this on a day when I woke up feeling like such utter shit that I bawled for like 20 minutes before I could manage to put on pants and go to school?!

also my flist reports we're all supposed to hate/boycott amazon again, or something. I'm not going to, but it means some of you will think it's an awesome idea to get me to see the light about not using amazon in my comments (here's a hint: it's not an awesome idea right now OR EVER)

also ipod is for realz broken. I went and looked at new ones online for about a minute and a half, but I don't want a new one, I want mine, and also i can only get english letters engraved so kisumai lyrics are out of the question.

also lasik consultation appointment is tomorrow and i just want them to tell me i can't do it so i can stop worrying about my eyes + lasers.

and i wrote nothing again today.

i'm trying to get excited for NYC and jin and timeripple this weekend, but really i think I might just go ahead and cry some more.
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