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feed it yellow berries! I'm at 85/500. this is going to take forfuckingever. But thanks to everybody who fed it yesterday.

Lasikplus okayed me for lasik and I'm scheduled for mid-january. the place was nice, and they knew my brothers. I'm still freaking out a little (and also still dilated), but as I was driving there the mix cd I just made the other day did "Flavor Flavor for You" which always makes me feel better when it gets to "You're not alone, wakatteiru da yo?" Thanks, Pi. And then right as I pulled into the parking lot, "Fighting Man" came on next, so I felt like NEWS was rooting for me to be brave. It's silly, I know, but at that moment when I was sitting in the truck by myself and really scared, it made a lot of difference.

Then I made mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving luncheon tomorrow. Everything smells like potatoes! but I can't eat them because they are for tomorrow D: but I didn't go to NaNo write in at all, oops. whatever, last week I sat there by myself like a total loser and I just couldn't do it today.
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