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What the Jam is Going on

<--402/500. Almost there!

am in NYC with timeripple at the pod hotel! there was a meetup mishap that involved an inflatable smurf but whatever. We hit Kinos and Bookoff already, and I finally found a copy of Kakitori-kun for my DS, plus bookoff had the dec winkup with the kisumai stickers in it. WIN. also acquired nov and dec duet, but no Potatos to be found. oh well.

we're marshaling our resources to go stand in line for Jin, and then the plan is for Karaoke! I am psyched. also i am wearing my teal puffy coat from Japan which may or may not have made an appearance in the NaNo, and I smell like Lush's karma handlotion all over because when they say a little dab will do you, you they aren't kidding.

Finally, Damn You Autocorrect"> is amazing.
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