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Holy shit, everything hurts. I am apparently too old for concerts, lol.

But Jin was awesome live, and I'm really glad I went after all. He looks so happy, and good (mmmm dark hair all grown out), and his voice in person, like some other people have mentioned, is way, way better live and close-up than in recordings. We were floor about halfway back to one side, so I was probably like ~10 yards away when he came over towards our side.

The backers were good too, and entertaining, although the one girl got dead silence every time they introed her to do something, lol aw. But Joey T was adorable like crazy, and Beth informs me he's more illegal than Hasshi which I hardly thought possible.

Jin was definitely comfortable with his backers by this point, and they spent a lot of time messing with each other like good friends. At one point Dom (i think) snuck up behind Jin while Jin was singing and got both his collarbones from behind, and Jin like fell to the floor in a heap, just crumpled up in front of his mic, so funny holy shit. Joey T dumped a bottle of water over his head at one point too. Like I said, he looked happy, and it was so good to see that.

I had to laugh at the point where the show devolved from something reasonably normal into mask dancing red silk-covered insanity, because Jin and Joey T can't truly escape being jyannis no matter how hard they try. All it needed was a bridge and some wires. and Yara.

at the end the audience openly refused to leave, so Jin did come out and do Eternal, but he was all sheepish about it, like "well....i have this other's in that okay?" and the audience was like *SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEAM* and then he had to bend down and get a lyric sheet from a fan because he was like "I kind of.....forgot them." So adorable. And sweet, and really really gorgeous, his voice oh my god, and then he totally cried ♥ the fans in front of me did too, and I'll admit that I teared up a little at the end. Actually I got a little misty during Body Talk and Fifth Season too, just because of Jin's voice. So beautiful ♥

Then after being crushed (literally) by fangirls in the goods line, timeripple and I went to karaoke and sung a ton of NEWS, KAT-TUN, Tegomass, Arashi, HSJ, and T&T. And I sang Hummingbird and For You by TOKIO like I always do, lol. I had a melon ball, which was awesome. And as we were leaving there was this song playing and i was like "....i know this, wth..." and finally came up with "IS THIS HIKARU GENJI?" and the lady checking us out was like "omg yes" like it was paining her that she knew that. I explained that I liked kisumai, so...she was like lol wth random fat white chick. Good times.

Okay, I think we are going to try and hit the uniqlo and whatnot, so I am going to crawl out of bed and things, but ♥ I'm so glad I came.
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