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And the Last Conversation was about Rock Band

So after dinner, as i always have with my siblings on Tuesday, 1B and SiL didn't want ice cream, but 2B and I did, so I ended up driving 2B about for a while as traffic was bad and we both wanted blizzards from the Dairy Queen. 2B have had probably less than five conversations in my entire life where I feel that we really connected to each other and had a quality exchange, all within the last couple years. This is not because I don't love or get along with 2B, it's just that I'm 9 years younger than him and 2B doesn't talk much except in random movie quotes and also outwardly has very little emotion and even less desire to engage in anybody else's emotion.

I don't want to portray him as a sociopath or anything, but let's just say that when he mentioned casually that he lowered one of his drumset's cymbals for nephew to bang on, internally I was astonished that he not only thought about another person's wants but then acted on that thought even though it inconvenienced him personally, and nephew is probably the only person on earth he would do that for, including 1B to whom he is much closer in age and in general.

anyway, in the car, 2B brings up the lasik surgery randomly, and then actually for about fifteen minutes until I dropped him off, kept up a steady dialogue more or less himself about what he'd done before and what happened while he was there and how things went the next couple days, while I just said 'uh-huh' a lot because I am still really scared about it. If it had been anybody else besides 2B i probably would have asked them to stop talking about it even, but at first I was just kind of puzzled both because of the topic and because it's so rare for 2B to discuss anything at length, much less his personal feelings about something. Finally, in the end, I realized that I think 2B was trying to make me feel better, not by appealing to my emotions like everybody else has been doing, but by telling me in detail what things would happen so that I would understand about the routine of it. routine is definitely how 2B copes with everything, so I can only assume that whatever anxiety he'd felt about having it done, that's how he got through it himself, by knowing what steps would come in what order.

and after I did realize that, I did feel kind of better, or at least, I feel really touched that 2B recognized that I was scared and offered me the kind of thing that would make him feel better in the same situation. Aww, 2B.

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