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Mitsu inna Tie Makes Everything Better

Had a good Thanksgiving yesterday with my family ♥ we even talked to Baby Brother on the phone a little bit (the one in Italy). And then we watched football and I tried and failed to write, and eventually I took my mother to see Burlesque, which wasn't like holy shit Moulin Rouge amazing, but was a good time, and if you like singing and dancing I recommend.

Yesterday my throat hurt a little bit and now it hurts like crazy, ugh. and apparently my family had enough of me yesterday because they were supposed to call me about lunch and now it's noon.

Anybody doing the crazy shopping? The extent of mine was buying a couple of $10 tshirts from Threadless, but i'm really fed up with them now because actually i tried to buy these same tshirts last week and it wouldn't let me, and even today it kept doing the same weird bullshit, so finally I had to do it on another browser and not log in. I sent in a help thing about it before and never heard back. Fail, I buy from them all the time, so this does not please me.

On the other hand, Kitayama and Fujigaya in a drama pleases me VERY MUCH. I can't wait to watch, and I hope they have a lot of fun doing it, plus the fact that they'll be so busy probably means other members will have to take over a lot of their concert planning responsibilities. Not that I don't love them, but I also love ft2 having to step up and try new things and be frontmen too.

aha! finally they have called. so now i have to get up and put pants on.

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