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Fic, Tackey & Tsubasa, Grand Gesture

Title: Grand Gesture [Tackey/Tsubasa]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for T&T's entire lack of subtlety.
Summary: Tackey isn't a guy who is all about the subtle gesture.
AN: o hai, this is 1k words not on my nano. FAIL. inspired by how much T&T plainly love each other and how Tackey rented a whole baseball stadium for Tsubasa.

Grand Gesture

Tackey isn't a guy who is all about the subtle gesture.

It's not like this is anything new for Tsubasa, who's known Tackey forever (or feels like it, sometimes, like the night before their first concert when he suddenly can't live unless they re-choreograph the opening number).

When Tackey feels something, you know it.

When Tackey is proud of his juniors, he builds a whole website so he can show them off, Johnny's aversion to the internet bedamned. When Tackey's angry, even Kawai knows better than to make a joke out of it and takes the scolding for with no more than a "Yes, Tackey-senpai." When Tackey feels like certain people are ready for certain rites of passage to manhood, he throws himself into pranks that are unavoidable and also unbeatable, as the Snowmen have been finding out lately.

When Tackey loves you…

"A whole stadium?" Tsubasa can't help but ask. "Hide, really?"

"Do you hate it?" Tackey asks, but he knows Tsubasa so much better than that, is already grinning and laughs out loud when Tsubasa says, yes, he hates it, idiot.

His name is in lights on the scoreboard, taller than he is, but it's not nearly so bright as the delight radiating from Tackey's smile as he drags Tsubasa hand-in-hand across the field to greet the teams.

It's been like that ever since they got word of the new single and the concerts. At first it was just a lot of touching, Tackey hugging him like he hadn't seen him in a year (well…maybe it had been a couple weeks, but they'd been busy), Tackey's head in his lap while they waited in ready rooms, Tackey fidgeting with the microphone in interviews where touching would earn a lot of questions, Tackey with his hands all over Tsubasa in their own concerts where not touching would earn even more questions.

Somewhere in there the presents had started up, normal stuff like a cd Tackey thought Tsubasa would like, or a hat he'd been eyeing but hadn't gotten around to buying. And then they'd got a little bigger, and a little bigger, and then…well, baseball stadium.

It's not unpleasant. It's just that Tsubasa's afraid that at the rate they're going, his Christmas present might be a satellite orbiting the earth, flashing his name and emitting hearts 24/7 to rain down over the populace below.

"Hey," Tsubasa says much later, after they're showered and fed, and he's sprawled in his bed with Tackey's head in his lap yet again, muscles pleasantly sore from baseball and everything else.

"Hm?" Tackey murmurs, eyes closed from the feel of Tsubasa's fingers in his hair.

"Remember that big fight we had," Tsubasa can still see it if he closes his eyes, Tackey's arms so skinny from growth spurts and his hair spiked up angrier than his scowl, "where you said you were going to kill yourself if you had to look at my stupid face one more second?"

Tackey's brow furrows; Tsubasa can feel it with his fingertips against Tackey's scalp. "Eh?"

When he looks down, he can see the uncertainty in Tackey's face, his discomfort at the memory, but for Tsubasa it's so long ago that only amusement remains at their smaller, grumpier, stupider selves. "I'm glad you didn't have to kill yourself after all."

Tackey pushes himself up, crawls into Tsubasa's arms properly, and holds on tightly, warm and close and familiar. "I'm glad I can see your stupid face every day," he says, and he matches Tsubasa's teasing tone almost perfectly, but not quite, and that's enough for Tsubasa to finally get to the root of it, like he suspected.

He lets Tackey cling for another few seconds, and then pushes him back far enough to see him without their eyes crossing. "You don't have to buy my affections with presents, you know."

Tackey frowns. "I know. That's not…"

"A baseball field?" Tsubasa asks, and Tackey has enough decency to at least squirm.

"Well," Tackey says, eyes down around Tsubasa's collarbone, "you told me you liked diamonds."

"I won't disappear if you let go a second," Tsubasa continues, ignoring Tackey's deflection. "You aren't the only one who missed working together."

"I know," Tackey repeats, "I know all that. I just…" Tsubasa waits, patient, until Tackey finally drags his eyes up to meet Tsubasa's gaze. "I just want to show you it, sometimes."

It, Tsubasa knows, is everything, all of it, how proud Tackey is of them, how happy, how long they've been together and how much they've grown and changed and stayed the same, how they're surrounded every day by amazing senpai and kouhai but are exactly equal with each other, joined the same day and debuted together, how all the solo projects of his in two years can't replace even one concert of theirs.

"You do," Tsubasa assures, "Hide, you show me all the time."

Tackey's chuckling as he pulls Tsubasa forward to press their mouths together, his laughter making Tsubasa's lips buzz, encouraging him to run his tongue over them to smooth away the tickle of it, and if that makes Tackey whimper into his mouth, so much the better. He's perfectly happy to roll them over and press Tackey's wrists into the mattress and kiss him until Tsubasa can show him all of that as well.

Subtle gestures are fine, but with Tackey sometimes the direct approach is best.

Later on, it's Tsubasa with his head pillowed on Tackey's stomach, having his hair stroked for once, arms curled tight and possessive around Tackey's waist.

"You could try just telling me it," he says eventually, almost idly. "Like a normal person."

"Where's the fun in that?" Tackey says carelessly. "Besides, just wait until you see your Christmas present."

"It's not a satellite, is it?" Tsubasa can't quite keep from asking.


"Nothing." Tsubasa chuckles to himself, the warmth of his breath across Tackey's stomach making him shiver. "I'll look forward to it, then."

"You bet your sweet ass you will," Tackey murmurs, and Tsubasa would, indeed.

Because Tackey is not all about the subtlety, and when he feels something, you know it.

Tsubasa just hopes he hasn't rented out Countdown or something.
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