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Made it home safely from Philly, JLPT successfully taken. for all values of successfully that include...probably not a lot of success. I might pass? I wouldn't say that it's likely, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. the most likely outcome, i think, is that I might 'pass' all three sections but then not have enough total points to pass the whole thing. I kind of hope I don't, actually, because jesus am I not ready to try and add a bunch more material for another level.

Vocab was not awesome, but it was a problem of not having learned all the vocab thoroughly this year (omg so much new vocab), and I knew that would be problematic. Same thing with the grammar that was straight-up grammar questions, although it surely went better than the vocab did. The reading comprehensions were LONG, I ran out of time and that never happens to me, but I think I actually did pretty well on that, especially since I skipped ahead when I realized I was going to run out of time and did the shorter couple at the end first. The guy beside me didn't even get halfway done.

listening was not as expected. I would say overall it went half-decently, in the sense that I think I might scrape a pass for the section, when before I started I was positive I would fail it outright. I was actually holding it together for questions types 1,2, and 4 (which are all the ones with visual cues). In fact, the one where it gives you a moment to read the choices, I felt actually competant at. Those single-line exchanges though were totally murder for me, though, I had no shot at about half of them.

Hands up if you started giggling when the random relaxation music started playing.

My group was totally anti-social, which is a shame, I usually enjoy chatting with people during the breaks. Also one of the student proctors was the most proto-typical Japanese guy ever, kind of cute, those thick black-rimmed glasses, poofy hair, and when he came by i saw his nametag read 'Juan Garcia.' WHAT.

now i have to clean all the guinea pigs and just....ugh. *tries to channel yamapi*

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