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If You Wanted to Know the Worst Possible Time to Go to the Grocery Store... is after you have been up for 18 hours, at 1am, especially an unfamiliar grocery store.

I was out babysitting for 1B and SiL and they didn't get home until 12:30am which, I told them was no big deal, but omg it so totally was a big deal this week because nothing goes right and nobody will just leave me alone, and then i had to pick up ring bologna and cream cheese for this christmas party that i'm going to tomorrow, so I stopped at the Giant near them. It's similar, but not identical, to my Giant.

I couldn't find the cream cheese and just started weeping quietly. but since everybody else in the grocery store at 1am is just as desperate, nobody paid any attention to me, at least.

ps, christmas party DNW. it's not even the party itself, which is low-key and populated by people i like very much, it's just that I have gone out with or been with people after school every day, and I need to be alone an awful lot to be able to do the next thing and the next thing, and I have not had more than an hour or two in a row alone to myself (sleeping does not count) since last week.

you know like in the sims? where if you let the energy bar go the whole way down and you keep making the dude do shit instead of letting him sleep and eventually he just lies down and sleeps wherever he is? that's where i'm at for needing aloneness.

D: maybe in my next life i'll be normal.

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