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Next Time We Meet

I keep rereading this article by the editor of TV LIFE, where he/she talks about how they're so relieved to finally have an excuse (Mitsu/Taipi's drama) to have a full gravure spread about Kis-My-Ft2. The part that gets my every time is how he/she made a promise during the spring cons last year that the next time they talked, it would be because Kisumai had a full article, and then says "they made this promise come true themselves." It makes me happy on a lot of levels, but especially I love seeing evidence that staff and whatnot is rooting for them really hard as well, and also to have people like that acknowledge how hard they're working and how professional they are about it.

♥ kisumai ♥ whatever random announcement TV LIFE has for you tomorrow, I hope it's good and you all are happy.

Also, both Amtrak and the Pod Hotel attempted to thwart my mission to see the_kouhai this weekend, but I threw money at them until I emerged victorious. that's pretty much how i've fixed everything for the last two weeks, and so i was pretty excited to remember that December is a 3-pay month for me. Woohoo!

Jehols starts posting tomorrow! excited! also super exhausted and should not have napped here on the couch watching hoarders and intervention all night like I just did. oops.

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