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Because Apparently I Am an Elderly Lady

And so I hit myself in the mouth with the new guinea pigs cage trying to come in my doorway with its box. What, that's never happened to you?

things have been much quieter since I separated the snowpigs, so I guess I should've done that ages ago. Or maybe they are soothed by the glow of the Kis-My-Ftree, idk. certainly I am proud of my foamy, glitterly, curly letters. anyway, datte's pierced ear is healing up nicely.

but goddamn it is colder a muggle's tit out there. it was absolutely howling freezing wind while I was trying to wrestle the cage's box into the truck, until I couldn't really feel my hands, making the process difficult. also it was snowing randomly. dear weather, please to not be snowing UNLESS it means I can stay in my bed instead of going to school.

mousamama and mousapapa have this ongoing thing about how they think i need a Clapper to turn on my light when I come in my door (which i do not) and how they're going to give me one for christmas (which i've told them explicitly not to do). so yesterday my dad thought it was clever of him to come into my apartment while I was at school and install one, so that yesterday i spent 15 increasingly confused and then panicked minutes trying to figure out a)who had been in my apartment b)why they had broken in seemingly only to attach weird shit to my electrical outlet with an ominous red light and c) if the government was suddenly monitoring my electricity usage.

Mind you this was all happening in the dark, because the Clapper kept turning off my light. As soon as i unplugged the random thing and replugged in my lamp and could see, THEN i immediately understood. When my mother showed up half an hour later for Drama Night, she got an earful about maybe not coming into the apartment of their daughter who lives alone and moving her shit around randomly so that she thinks people are breaking in. Today, mousapapa called to leave a sheepish voicemail to find out whether i'm still mad or not, but then erased any good will the apology had engendered in me by going on for a minute and a half about how i will love the Clapper once he teaches me how to use it. my family, jfc.

ps guinea pigs = useless watch animals.

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