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This is the sound of me being fired

So the rat's nails needed clipped. His front paws, and i couldn't get them myself cause he was too squirmy.

So I went up the hall to find my resident Scott who likes the rat to ask for help. He wasn't there, so i left a note on his door that said "I have a five minute favor to ask, come find me--Sara"

So I go back to my room, and then Jon, who lives across the hall, came back, and he also likes the rat, so i asked if he would help. He sat on the edge of his bed, constraining the rat, and i had to kneel on the floor to get close enough. As the struggle to clip the tiny claws continued, I kept edging closer and closer, until I was pretty much sitting between his knees, and we're both grappling with the rat, and I'm growling things like "Stop Squirming, idiot, you totally need it".

And just then, behind me, Scott walks in and goes "uh...holy shit, I can come back later..."

pause. then:

"Wait, sara, was this the five-minute favor you wanted?"
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