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Percyfic woes and the namey meme

goddamn you, percyfic, I know exactly what i want you to do, so why aren't you doing it? get on it, bastard! Percy's been taking lessons from Remus, evidently, or perhaps he just doesn't want on.

I bet if Oliver Wood were involved, he'd want on. Fucking Weasleys.

Hey, I just used the subjunctive. aaaaand I'm a tool because i know that.

So that this isn't totally pointless:

My LJ is called: Sprunkers: JLin' like a Felon because sprunkers is my nickname in RL for most people, and because when I made my journal those 'gellin' like a felon' commercials were all over the place, and in one of my first comments to sociofemme i was like "hey ellen, I'm Jlin'! Are you JLin'?"

My subtitle is: Ample Reason to Touch Yourself, because it was a quote from a Florahart ficlet, in which Draco is trying to talk Remus into a threesome with him and Harry and says something like "because he's wearing eyeliner and leather, both of which I find to be ample reason to touch yourself." Tis borrowed with permission, because it's true.

My screenname is: Mousapelli, because I invented them in high school (a cross between a mouse and a kokopelli) and draw them and one is tattooed on me, so it's pretty much mine forever.

My Friends page is called: You're All Fired because it's something my brother says all the time. "You're all fired, get out of my office!" which is really hilarious because my brother is 16 and generally is standing on the street when he issues such commands.

damn, now i dont' know whether to use the mousapelli icon or the weasley one. or even the obscene Oliver wood icon would work. double damn.
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