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The Whole East Coast Is Supposed to Get Snow but Me

I have a modest goal list for today and it looks like this:

*clean guinea pigs
*put away laundry so I can pick up the dirty laundry
*do the dishes

as you can see i'm most excited about that last one. other things I should probably do include:

*call the maintenance guys back to upgrade my bathroom sink's lack of drainage from 'not a big deal' to 'sort of an emergency'
*go to the gym
*clean up some of this junk like the wrapping supplies and the new presents

...but my parents just called and said we were going to lunch and then a movie, so maybe i'll do all this crap later, lol.

oh! I saw Tron yesterday, and I enjoyed it well enough. It looked good and the plot was okay and i liked the main dude, and i had just watched the original for the first time two days ago and there were definitely a bunch of little jokes about it, so you should watch/rewatch right before you go if you want the maximum amusement level. But I didn't recognize the girl from House at all, and my brothers were like god you fail, and i was like she changed her hair! and clothes! and put her in a totally different thing! I had no chance at that at all, seriously.

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