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Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! TWEAK!

Well, as you can probably see if you're looking at this, i've spent some online time today tweaking the look of my LJ again. I didn't exactly figure out how to have a header, but i did two really sneaky things that make it look like I did. It involves making my top margin really large and then having a background image in exactly the right place, but i think it looks okay.

Or at least, it looks like it's supposed to, my...interesting...graphic notwithstanding.

I got the help from the howto community, which seems to have lots of other tweaking hints.

We saw Pirates of the Caribbean again this afternoon. god, could you just watch that movie over and over? I can't even wait to own it so i can just watch it over and over.
THWACK! *rubs face* "I may have deserved that..."

I also got lemon pie ice cream at the store. mmmmmmmmm...
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