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The Waiter Asked BB If He Wanted His Salad Tossed

Had a day out with mousamama and's girlfriend. that isn't catchy. Italian Girlfriend (IGf) is really nice though, so we had a good time. We took her for massages and then lunch and then saw Tangled, all of which we all enjoyed. Then we even shopped a little bit and I got a new lapdesk for my computer to sit on. This one hopefully will not leak little foam balls everywhere. Then I babysat for 1B and SiL so they could take BB and IGf out for dinner.

I started pokemon gold finally, I only bought it like...six months ago? heh. But now that baby brother has the ds, we need to get on this business! I want to start using my pokewalker. so far I have a cyndaquil (kaji), a sentret (ocha), a pidgey (sho), and a caterpie (lol, I can't remember what I named it). also I named the random kid I had to name Rin, and now i want fic about 5*STAR having drama with White and Black.

speaking of pokemon, light blue berry for this dude, please! only need 65, so this ought to be quick.

Starting tomorrow I can't wear my contacts any more before the lasik surgery (which is the 13th). Wah glasses D:

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