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The KIS-MY-FIC2 Exchange!

A Fanfic Exchange Especially for Kis-My-Ft2 Fans

I just signed up and so should you! i want just one fest where I want to read all the junk, so go go go! Signups are open until the 3rd.

2: Just bought baby brother SoulSilver and I bought a game guide. in the car we were laughing about how we have made essentially no progress since I was 12 and he was 7, when we bought gold and silver the first time. except that time I bought silver and he bought gold. To our dismay, we've realized that sandshrews are hard to find in silver, and vulpixes aren't in gold. Nooooo! we should have stuck with our original arrangement orz.

3: we had sushi for lunch. OM NOM NOM. Mike's hard apple spice seasonal flavor is also awesome.

4: i'm super determined to get a shiny cyndaquil before I have to quit one of my shiny hunts for the site event.
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