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Year of the Rabbit

明けましておめでとうございます to all of you ♥

It's my baby's brother's year, since he's a rabbit, so at least he's in good company. he'd probably be as unimpressed by the bunny ears as Taipi plainly is, though. Oh, baby marksykins will be a rabbit too! Yay!! Anybody else a rabbit?

a bunch of crazy stuff is going to happen this year including
*lasik surgery in two weeks
*visiting musikologie in hawaii this summer, hopefully at the same time as KAT-TUN
*Japan! 2011 is not going to end without a Japan trip, like 2010 did
*I'm going to write more than last year, and not blow NaNo again
*I'm going to stop being 200 lbs somehow. I'm not sure how, but i'm going to.

Hope everybody else has exciting plans too and can make them work somehow. Happy New Year to all of you!

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