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One Bunny is Riding the Swivelling Cabinet

The new hoarders has a guy on who hoards rabbits, they're roaming his whole house, and i want to be like 'awww how terrible' but every time i look up and the rabbits are hopping about, i start giggling. Like three of them were just sitting, watching the organizers tour the house, and they've chewed holes in the walls to get from room to room, and when i thought it couldn't get any funnier, the man got super angry about it, so there was an older, portly guy on my tv hollering you can't take my bunnies.

cannot. stop. giggling. someday this will be me and/or shimizumiki. Sanapig is watching the tv with obvious envy.

went out tonight with my family to a Samuel Adams tasting dinner my dad had won at a charity auction, and the food was so good holy shit, but you had to try a different kind of beer with each course, and there were six courses. it was really interesting, but i don't drink beer at all, so by the end i was like uuuuurgh omg. I was afraid I'd get sick on the way home, but i feel a little better now. 2B was drunk as a lord, though, so my parents took him home to sleep it off.

2B also brought up 'the pistachio incident' but the only details he would give us was to say "there's a limit to all things" and that nobody came out of it a winner.

Website and master fic list are both updated *proud*, I'm just waiting on JEhols reveals yet.

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