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Let's Just Say There Was a Minor Mutiny

Ran a meeting after school that was entirely upsetting, and now i'm just sitting on my couch, knowing i have to go to the store and to the pet store and also to my parents to say goodbye to my brother, but instead i just sit here, thinking about this meeting. I don't want to talk about it, even, but the thing is...

...look, it's like everybody wants me to do all the things, and nobody does their things so I HAVE to do their things, and then they get mad about the manner in which i do the things. WHY DIDNT YOU APPLY TO BE THE GODDAMNED DEPT CHAIR YOURSELF IF YOU KNOW SO MUCH. I DONT EVEN WANT TO DO IT. FUCKING TAKE IT.

i am so tired of doing all this different stuff for my four different levels and the union and now this dept junk and the PSSA remdial lesson teaching starts tomorrow, and the goddamn Latin festival meeting is this weekend, and yesterday the anime club's anime had random boobs in it again.

why in the fucking fuck is there random frontal nudity in Midori Days? WHY. although on the up side, if the principal comes in during the random boob anime perhaps I will get fired and then I won't have to do any more things for anybody.

it's cold D: and my lips are super chapped D: D:

grocery shopping D: D: D:
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