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Season of the Witch = Entirely Watchable

We actually got some snow this morning. Surprise! I had a 2 hour delay which I needed more than guinea pigs need hay. now i just need more snow tonight so i don't have to drive to lancaster for the stupid latin fest meeting. DNW.

BB and IGf called to say they are safely back at their apartment, all their luggage with them (this time), so that's good news. They are doing a mini vacation to Lisbon before both of them start up school/work again

Lasik less than a week away D: D: D: I've done pretty well staying calm up until now, but I'm having bouts of anxiety at increasing intervals. also it's interfering with my ability to go to the farm show, which is poor. I want a milkshake! and potato donuts! i do have off friday for recovery so I guess I could go then, but I'd hate to wait and then realize I'm not up for it and miss the whole thing.

~2.5x day~
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