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It's like the Batman/Superman Funpack

I went to the gym and now am eating a salad like a grown-up. The guinea pigs are eating lettuce as well, happy as you please, and I can't help but think that if guinea pigs are the shape they are while eating all that lettuce, then I wonder how much help this salad really is. Also, you know, I don't really like salad, so. I talked myself into liking yogurt eventually, but salad I can't quite manage that with.

Spent my christmas giftcard in the Best Buy, and man it was a struggle. There was just totally nothing that I wanted, either in movies or in DS games. I ended up with Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Superman: Doomsday, and then some Justice League thing about alternate universes, all for about $10 each. There was some crazy Batman Beyond full collection, but it was ridiculously overpriced, as just about everything is at the Best Buy.

je100 drabble happy hour tonight! 8pm EST until midnight! all comers welcome, it's AU week and everything.

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