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Lovin' Plastic, it's Fantastic

Two My Scene Barbie boy dolls (River and Hudson): $20
Black sweatshirt at Walmart: $2
Two small stencil brushes and brown enamel paint: $3
Buttons, jewelry clasps, and lion stickers: $5

Being the biggest tool in fandom, but owning fully posable Sirius and Remus action figures:


This is how I spent my entire Saturday afternoon. You're jealous, admit it. Here's a closeup of the robe clasps and gryffindor badges. Yes, that is a Prefect's pin on Remus. Sirius came with a leather jacket, guitar, and a faux leather studded wrist band, by the way.

While I'm doing a photo update, here is the dog up the street from me who I always think of as Padfoot. Rumor has it that he was put in the pound for eating a smaller dog. haha, that's a good boy.
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