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But Honestly, Could We Get Any Song Besides Firebeat?

We had a delay this morning, which meant that I got to watch about half of "Misaki No 1!!" this morning while I got ready, so I was pleased about that. Keyhole was a little too jumpy for me to follow properly and i kept having to go and come back, so I really just got a vague sense of what went on, but I did get to hear the theme song, and I did get to see a little bit of Fujigaya kicking some guy's ass. WIN.

club was also gloriously canceled, so i went to the gym after school instead, which was not terribly glorious. i keep typing and deleting things about the gym, but it's whiny and I'm sure nobody cares. in a nutshell, still fat, eating salad and going to gym = negative progress. fail.

And now I have to crawl off my couch and go to a meeting D: but tomorrow after school is my Lasik, so this will be the last post I make before it, I would imagine. So keep your fingers crossed I suppose, because if they blind me with lasers, I can't imagine I'll be posting again any time soon.

sorry this one is so anti-climactic D:

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