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Tell Them You Want the Valium

Just an update to say that my lasik went fine this afternoon, and I have not been blinded by lasers. Everything was really fuzzy when I left the place, but after my enforced nap now things are much better. It's so strange to be able just to see clearly.

The thing itself was really scary, even though they numbed my eye, I had all-laser so they put this ring on my eye that sort of squeeze-suctioned it, and they kept being like 'it's just pressure' but apparently I can't tell pressure from pain because it was entirely unpleasant. they gave me these squeezy balls and they had to peel them out of my hands at the end cause I was squeezing so hard my hands like cramped up. My advice to you, if you get this done, is when they ask you if you want tylenol PM or something stronger, go for the something stronger. I totally should have been valiumed or something.

the lady was like "don't worry, you're doing fine" when we switched eyes and added 'we've seen it all here' and in spite of everything I had to laugh because lol, what does that even mean. Anyway, they said that everything went perfectly in both eyes, and then I started crying as soon as it was over while the guy was trying to re-check my eyes.

I have to wear sunglasses even inside for the next 2 days, so I feel like I'm in a bad 80s music video, and my eyes are kind of sore and itchy, but really I feel okay other than that. I might not be around as much as usual for a day or two, but everything's fine so far. Thanks for everybody who left me well wishes on my last post.

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