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Dog the Bounty Hunter is the Only Thing Watchable On

We called off school because of the ice, but super late. One of the other teachers who lives far away had already texted me to see because she should have been leaving the house already. Even I was practically getting out of bed by the time I got the call, and I'm probably the last person in the whole district to crawl out of bed.

Yay no school! although since this is my fifth day off in a row, it's going to make going back all anxious. It's as long as we get off for Thanksgiving.

Plans for the day include iconnifying the Duet facesquish shoot comic and the Snowmen, finishing up the Watanabe/Miyadate, and probably crocheting some more so I can finish up this project I've got going, and can start the blanket I want to make for 2B's birthday in april.

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